Monday, October 6, 2014

How the Educational System Failed my Son with Autism - Part 4

We never received a response to our email, or apology, from Nugget's Kindergarten teacher. We figured the truth must hurt. However, I will never forget her demeanor and threatening me at a parent-teacher conference when she made the comment to me that the school shouldn't have to worry about a lawsuit from other parents, when she was referring to Nugget's "naughty" behaviors. Her very negative attitude towards my child will never be forgotten. As a parent of two ASD children, you might get thick-skinned to the glares and the negative remarks from strangers. They don't matter. They are not a part of your daily life, but for a Kindergarten teacher to have this attitude, is just baffling. She is currently still teaching at this school, and it is our hope that she at least learned something.

Over the summer, Nugget attended ESY. Not without incident. I was informed of yet another restrain. The class was going to walk to the local park one day. This entailed crossing rail-road tracks. Evidently, Nugget escaped the adults and went running for the tracks. They chased after him and restrained him. My first thought of course, was that I was relieved to know he was safe. I then wondered what made him bolt? He was a flight risk, a wanderer. The staff knew this. It was in his IEP. I trusted them to be proactive knowing this.