Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Let it Go" song lyrics done Momtisms-style, inspired by a real IEP meeting!

Since we are quickly approaching a new school year, the "sonflowers'" IEP's have been on my mind. It is almost time for the dreaded #IEP meeting. Bear will be entering 8th grade and seems to be progressing quite well, although I understand their will be more demands this year that I hope he can cope with. Nugget, on the other hand, is starting a new school after we fought for a change of placement due to his lack of progress and meeting his IEP goals at his previous school. Here are the lyrics from this event that I was inspired to create from the song "Let it go". Enjoy!

"Let Me Go"

This IEP that was handed to me, is really quite a sight
Not a thing we discussed is seen
A room used for isolation?
Now it looks like I'm going to have to get mean

My gut is wrenching, and I can't keep it inside
Can't keep it in, hubby's by my side
Can't let them win, I know what my son needs
Be the advocate I always need to be
Restrain, I feel, is a big NO-NO!
I'm gonna blow!

Let me go, Let me go
Lack of progress that I can't ignore
Let me go, Let me go
Their's a lack of accommodations, and I want more
I don't care how much you have to pay
And if I must go on...
Haven't you ever heard of I-D-E-A?

You're not collecting data? Not any at all?
How do you determine progress? You say you cannot recall?
He needs more speech. What can you do?
He needs more goals and I see few
No one-on-one or OT to see?
Oh, this IEP!

Let him grow, Let him grow
How much time has to pass by?
Let him grow, Let him grow
My son, he can reach the sky!
Here I stand, and here I'll stay
Until this IEP is done

I look around the table, and their's not a single sound.
Maybe they're rethinking, money they all of a sudden found?
More inclusion, and one-on-one so he can be with the rest of his class?
I'm not cutting you any slack!
They've come to their senses - at last!

Let me go, Let him grow
He deserves to belong
Let me go, Let him grow
and I'll sign it and be done
Put it in writing, or you'll have to pay
Due process? - Oh, it can be on!
Haven't you ever heard of I-D-E-A?

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